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Why Rank Math Doesn’t Offer a Lifetime Deal

While some businesses opt to offer a lifetime deal as a marketing strategy, we at Rank Math prefer to focus on providing our users with sustainable long-term value. And while this may not be obvious on the surface, sustainable long-term value and lifetime deals don’t go well together.

In this article, we will address the business side of lifetime deals, show you how it affects you, and delve into the factors that influenced our decision not to offer one.

1 Lifetime Deals Are Unsustainable

Hosting, wages, and marketing are recurring expenses businesses have to pay for month after month. A lifetime deal will only cover these costs for a year or two before the company runs out of money.

Businesses respond to this by cutting down on overhead and laying off employees. But this is unsustainable and only gives the company a few months or years before they have to shut down.

So, most businesses abruptly cancel your lifetime deal, leading to feelings of frustration and disappointment on your end.

2 Lifetime Deals Are Vague

What do businesses mean when they offer you a ‘lifetime deal’? Are they talking about the lifetime of the business? Or the lifetime of the software? Or the lifetime of that version of the software?

The term ‘lifetime deal’ is vague, and it is common for businesses to cut you off at some point.

  • Some cut you off after upgrading the software.
  • Others split the software into two, leaving you with the less capable model while requesting payment for the better one.
  • Then, some cut you off when the software is sold.

3 Lifetime Customer Support is Unreliable

If you use a service long enough, you’ll sooner or later require customer support at some point. That brings up the big question. Does your lifetime deal include lifetime support?

Having full-time support staff to provide 24/7 support, 365 days a year, like we do here at Rank Math, is expensive. If you’re a lifetime user, the business has to rely on its subscribers to provide premium-level support.

In many cases, you are considered a second-tier user and are not given the same level of support as a subscriber. Other businesses won’t offer you support, leaving you to your own when you encounter issues.

4 Lifetime Deals Hurt You and the Business

Software companies rely on subscriptions to hire and retain the high-level team they require to develop new features. Since lifetime deals are a one-off payment, they reduce the rate at which they introduce new features. This makes the product less competitive. Ultimately, the business has to close down, bringing your lifetime deal to an end.

5 How to Get a Lifetime Membership to Rank Math FREE 

Rank Math doesn’t offer a lifetime deal, but we offer Rank Math FREE, which you’re free to use for lifetime.

Rank Math FREE offers you premium features that are only available in the paid versions of other plugins. We’re offering you these premium-level features for a lifetime and will never restrict them. You can get started by downloading Rank Math FREE over here.

Once you’re ready to dominate your niche, you can always upgrade to PRO to access the additional features available in Rank Math PRO. Several PRO features are not even available in the premium version of other SEO plugins.

6 Conclusion

In conclusion, lifetime deals come with complexities that ultimately hurt everyone involved. Here at Rank Math, we value your trust and do not want to break it for any reason. 

Besides, an annual subscription assures improving Rank Math consistently. SEO is a long-term game, and you want to be confident we won’t shut down overnight and put all your SEO efforts to waste. 

We hope you understand why Rank Math doesn’t offer a lifetime deal. If you have any questions, you’re more than welcome to contact our dedicated support team. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year…

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