The Engagement Challenge 

Written in cooperation with the Local Search Association, this report investivates why small businesses fail to use their business software to its full potential.

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With more SMBs choosing to use cloud-based software as part of their tech stack, the report looks at why small business owners fail to use the software that they buy to its full potential, and the importance of having an effective strategy to engage SMBs in the daily use of the software. Some highlights from the report include: 

  • SMB cloud adoption is at 55% and expected to rise to 75% in the next two years, and businesses are reporting real gains in productivity as a result of using cloud or SaaS software to run their businesses
  • 62% of small businesses fail to fully utilize software and they point to insufficient initial training and products that are just too complex as key reasons for their failure to fully engage
  • According to a survey of SMB SaaS professionals, 45% of them believe that its necessary to establish customer engagement with product within one month churn becomes likely

The report was commissioned by Mono Solutions, and put together in collaboration with the Local Search Association (LSA).

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