“Gold Digging” No More: NFL Wives And Girlfriends Speak Out

Five NFL wives and girlfriends are pushing back against the stereotype that they are only interested in their partners’ wealth. On Women of the League, a web-based show hosted by Josie Leinart (wife of former NFL quarterback Matt Leinart), they discussed their financial management, NFL contacts and prenuptial agreements.

In the conversation, Josie Leinart expressed her frustration with people constantly viewing NFL wives as gold diggers. Allison Rochell added that it was aggravating to see such comments, as they put so much effort behind the scenes.

I completely agree with that,” Christen Harper said. “I believe that’s the most common response, not that people don’t understand it, but it’s often assumed that wives and fiancees of football players don’t have jobs or don’t do anything besides accompanying their husbands.

I know many women in the league working hard on their careers or doing great things for their communities. It’s not about the money for them. It’s not the norm and what’s being portrayed is not the truth.”

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