Chicago Fire

Get Ready for Emma Jacobs return in Chicago Fire

By Shanu

The bad news is Emma Jacobs, We got to know it as soon as she appeared in Season 10 and when she attempted to take out Violet.

And holding her position of authority, she is one of the most prominent rivals in the Chicago Fire.

Having said that, her comeback has us perplexed. She seemed to have turned a new leaf when she admonished Carver when he got into a fight with a spectator. 

But after a short, awkward talk with Violet, it was clear that she still had vengeance in mind, just as we had always assumed.

Violet was naturally irritated by the fact that Jacobs continues to work for the fire department and appears to be faring better than she did at the 51 in terms of her career.

It's realistic to suppose that Violet would never fully forgive Jacobs because of the cruel way she handled Hawkins (Jimmy Nicholas) before he passed away.

She's now in Jacobs' sights, which is unfortunate. In the episode "Something for the Pain," Violet seeks to confront Jacobs' superiors about her background.

But it soon became clear that the former lack supporting evidence. The complaint was categorically rejected.

Violet was advised by Jacobs to keep an eye on her back, she did her a favour, said Jacobs, she was on par, but now…

Violet admitted to Brett that she will have to keep an eye on her back for the remainder of her career after hearing this terrifying warning.