Is we are going to witness Dante Torres goodbye from Chicago PD?

Dante Torres (Benjamin Levy Aguilar) is adjusting to life in Chicago PD. He was brought in as a student of Halstead (Jesse Lee Soffer) and has quickly shown to be a brave and adaptable member of the Intelligence Unit.

In the episode “This Job”, the character experienced some severe complications professionally. He ran afoul of Detective Borkowski (Tom Lipinski) and was warned that he would lose his job if he reported any of the detective’s wrongdoings.

Is Benjamin Levy Aguilar quitting his job at the Chicago Police Department?

From the beginning, Borkowski and Torres did not get along. Borkowski was known for being physically violent with suspects to get information and show off his badge. On the other hand, Torres had a completely different approach to policing. Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) was stuck in the middle of them, a decent man who was already aware of the amount of corruption in the police force.

Despite Torres’s efforts to maintain a moral code, the suspects they had been searching for ended up being found by Borkowski. This causes the rookie cop to realise that, even if the results were achieved through questionable methods, the outcome is still worth it.

After the episode, Torres and Ruzek talk about how Torres has joined the “blue wall”. Torres speaks with a sense of defeat, and for a brief moment, it appears as if the purpose of why he wanted to be a cop has been forgotten.

Ruzek can boost his self-assurance, saying that sometimes it is necessary to take unpleasant actions to take down a criminal. The show Chicago PD has been investing more and more effort into building the character of Torres, so it’s likely that he will leave sometime soon.

Evidently, the authors intend to position him as the successor to Halstead in terms of morality, so we are sure that the character will be able to accept the defeat he suffered in “This Job” and will get retribution later on when Borkowski inevitably crosses the line.

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